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Many children suffer from autism; it is a condition that impairs social interaction and communication skills of the child. The child may experience a range of disorders that can lead to the child having disabilities and be slow and language development. The child might not easily understand what other people are thinking or saying making it hard for them to have a normal life. The child has difficulty communicating with other people and feel uncomfortable with how other people communicate either through sound or touch. Children who have the disorder show repetitive body movements like hand flapping, pacing or rocking.

What Parents Should Know About Autism

What Is Autism?

Those who have advanced impairment may also experience seizures which might occur when they reach the adolescence stage. Many people are not educated about the disorder, and that is why you should take your child to the hospital once you notice something is wrong. People who have the disorder may, however, have different talents such as drawing and memorizing facts which them unique, the only problem is that they cannot communicate properly. Know more about learning disabilities portland here!

How Autism Can Be Detected

The disorder can be detected in the early stages of life especially from three years, but doctors can detect much earlier. In most cases the disorder goes unnoticed until the patient can no longer cope with the environment, there are in. The disorder is known to affect boys more than girls regardless of their background. There are different social disorders that your child might be experiencing which are divided into four categories. Check out this website at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/20-things-parents-wish-people-knew-about-adhd_us_58e52658e4b00ea3841db50a and know more about ADHD.

Asperger's syndrome is whereby the child does not show any problems with communication but find it hard to socialize with other children. The second disorder includes communication and social interaction impairment.  A child who has childhood development disorder usually develop normally for a couple of years and then lose their communication and social skills. Read more about learning disabilities lake oswego here!

Where to Find Treatment

There are different types of treatments that are used to treat the disorder, though they can work depending on the individual. You should take your child for behavioural therapies, and the family should talk to the doctor about the type of medication the child can take. The parent should realise that their child is special and should not pressure them to communicate with other children but take time and teach them various types of words.

The therapists can come to the house and assess if the treatment is working. You can choose to take your child to a specialized centre where your child can be monitored and will also feel comfortable since they will meet children that have the same problem.

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