15 Dec

As it stands now, the research argues that the causes of autism are a combination of two factors. One is a genetic factor which is passed on through different DNA types together with factors whose nature is the environment. However, this is not scientifically proven even though the newest studies have demonstrated that these two factors are the prime causes of autism.

Classical autism lake oswego is seen as the most severe case of the causes of autism in the adults as well as in children. You can diagnose the autism symptoms by late language development and in some situations cannot develop language skills at all. Individuals with this specific autism disorder will also have the inability of communicating with others and will also have a great disregard for human emotions, and in a lot of the cases, they will lack it completely. One of the biggest symptoms of autism is lack of empathy and inability to show affection. This is used in diagnosing of the severity of autism. Even though the symptoms of autism in most cases appear in the stage when a person is a toddler in their early development, it is also possible for one to determine in different ways whether a baby shows various signs of autism.

Trying to find out the causes of autism in most cases is a controversial subject as there is no one specific cause for that. There is a theory which claims that vaccines could cause autism. More specific is the vaccine which is used in the prevention of measles which people argue that it cause problems in the intestines that could lead to autism in the long run. However, this theory has not yet been proved. Know more about ADHD at http://edition.cnn.com/HEALTH/condition.clinic/adhd.html.

The theory which is more likely to be true is that genetic disorders could be the cause of autism. In families where there are autistic genes, the children are more prone to developing autistic tendencies. Additionally, there is a risk that when you have an autistic child in your family, there are high chances of getting another autistic child in the subsequent births. Read more about learning disabilities boise here!

Evidence has demonstrated that some food products might lead to autism. Some of the products are gluten that is wheat together with other various dairy products. However, the evidence is not strong enough to support that claim. It is getting more and more unclear when trying to establish the specific cause of autism. Therefore, this disorder ought to be treated with the necessary attention which will ensure that the individual with autism is comfortable and with time can respond to certain treatment programs.

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